جِدًّا \ awfully: very: It’s awfully hot in here. She’s awfully pretty. ever so: very: It’s ever so easy. exceedingly: very: He’s exceedingly clever. extra: more than usually: an extra large bill. extremely: very: You’re extremely kind. frightfully: very: He’s frightfully clever. great: (giving more force to an adjective): That’s a great big dog. greatly: very much: He was greatly ashamed. indeed: coming after an adj. or adv. and giving special force to very: Thank you very much indeed. jolly: very: a jolly good book. most: very: It was most kind of you to help. only too: (with an adj. or p.p.) very: I should be only too pleased to help you. so: (following a negative) showing a comparison: He’s bigger than you, but he’s not so strong (as you). He’s not so strong a boy (not such a strong boy) as you are, showing an effect It was so cold that the water froze. He’s not so ill as to need a doctor;, (stressed) very: I’m so glad that you won!. stiff: (with the verbs bore, scare, worry) to a state of tiredness; nearly to death: Long speeches bore me stiff. stone: (with a few special adj.) completely: stone cold; stone dead. such: of a kind that produces a certain result: It was such a heavy box that I could not lift it. Its weight was such that I could not lift it. unusually: (with an adj.) very; strangely: It is unusually cold in here today. very: (giving special force to an adv. or adj., or to the nouns many, much, few, little): very soon; very hot; very little to eat. well: quite a long way: He’s well over 60. Stand well back from the line.

Arabic-English glossary. 2015.

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